A Lit Nerd’s Adventure in Engineering

Amelia Wood | 1 March 2018

So, I was sitting in my dad’s kitchen, drinking a glass of tea and petting the dog. He was tending to a pan of sautéing onions on the stove...

To Make a "Big Kids Arts and Craft" Movement

Amelia Wood | 22 February 2018

There’s a sentiment I hear a lot around the team. It’s something that seems to be central to what we’re about and our whole philosophy as it pertains to science and technology...

Cakes and Cars: How Art and Science Are Not As Different As You Think

Amelia Wood | 22 February 2018

In an article by Hyperallergic titled “The Seductive Currents of Electricity Pylons,” author Allison Meier reports on an exhibition of 1,000 photographs of electricity pylons by the Science Museum of London in October of this year...


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