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NYU Tandon Motorsports

NYU is and always has been at the forefront of innovation and this is the standard we are maintaining with NYU Tandon Motorsports. From the start of this endeavor, we have utilized advanced materials and innovative techniques of fabrication in order to create the best possible vehicle. Even with these advanced technologies we have made sure to work through multiple iterations to maximize the utility and design. As well, with this as our inaugural year, we are also given a distinct ability to create our design without the restraints of past exhibitions.

NYU Tandon Motorsports is a vehicle for change.

From the start we have been an inclusive engineering organization focused on creating an offroad vehicle, but interest from students, faculty, and sponsors, allows us to be a social mentor in addition. As a team we have attended Women in Engineering events, STEM in education, and internal open houses in order to increase interest in the sciences and engineering through our project. Moving forward we will continue to remain steadfast in our endeavor of creating social change.

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About Baja SAE

Baja SAE is an intercollegiate competition pitting teams against each other with the objective of designing and constructing the best off-road vehicle.

At its heart, Baja SAE is a competition in which multiple fields of engineering are tapped in order to create the most realistic automotive challenge.

Each team participating is required to create an off-road vehicle that would survive the severe punishment of rough terrain with minimal cost in an effort to gain a contract for 4000 units.

Although this competition is focused towards colleges, this event stems from the Baja 1000 event that occurs annually. In 1962, on 950 miles of rocks, sand washes, cattle crossings, and paved road, Baja found its humble beginnings. What began as a simple test of the reliability of an off-road vehicle became an international phenomenon and with each passing year since it has gained popularity. Nearly 16 years later, Baja SAE began and instantly created a large intercollegiate event bringing teams from across the nation and eventually the world.

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Currently, we are looking for sponsors interested in helping our team both intellectually and economically! Please reach out to us if you are interested, and we would be happy to discuss this further.

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